Interactive discovery



Interactive kiosks and tables 

WEZIT allows the administration of various digital programs within your exhibitions: mediation devices (touch tables, multimedia terminals…) or services (digital signage).

2d and 3d object exploration


Design a ludic experience for a renewed content approach

Personalized timelines

Dynamic multilingual labels

Digital signage

Display practical information


Integrate points of interest and routes.


Discover content using images or videos with captions.


With 3d effects for virtual page-turning, and an index for browsing.


In the field of digital interpretation for museums, heritage sites, and tourist destinations, interaction is the key to providing visitors with memorable experiences. Wezit specializes in designing interactive solutions, ranging from interactive kiosks and tables to websites.

Turn every visitor into an explorer.

Our expertise in 3D modeling allows for real-time playful manipulation and in-depth reconstructions of places and objects, offering an exceptional immersion into cultural heritage. Beyond mere content consumption, the goal is to engage visitors while adhering to the principles of digital mediation.

  • Interactive exploration on-site
    For on-site devices, from content consultation to the creation of playful experiences, Wezit provides a comprehensive range of activities to engage visitors in exploring content. Our virtual flipbooks, magnifying works of art, and 3D object manipulations encourage participatory and engaging discoveries.
  • Online digital mediation
    When it comes to websites, the challenge remains the same: mediating content using web conventions for an interactive and immersive experience. Wezit is also adept at creating conceptual websites that carry content with interactive principles. We transform static information into engaging online experiences, allowing visitors to delve deeper into the subject.
  • Transmedia
    The concept of transmedia is crucial for Wezit. One of its applications is to bring on-site activities to the web and create continuity between various digital devices encountered by the visitor. This creates a captivating thread throughout their exploration.

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