The Nay forge

Project name Nay forge - Augmented reality
Devices Native application on tablets provided to visitors
Client Municipality of Nay - France
Project benefits 3D reconstitution - Educational activities

The Nay Forge, situated in Pyrénées-Atlantiques, stands as a historical testament to French industrial heritage.

Despite its thriving status at its zenith, the 20th century brought about its decline due to advances in metallurgy.

Our project involved the 3D reconstruction of the operational forge, based on research conducted by a university team. We created 360° visuals to place it within its natural context. The program is specifically designed for guides who lead tour groups. With the use of a tablet, they can provide an augmented reality experience to the public.

The 3D model was initially designed by a university research team. It will be synchronized with on-site 360° photos. Our team textured and optimized the model for real-time usage.

The educational objective centers on a functional exploration of the site.

This approach will yield a deeper insight into the functioning and life of the forge during its operational days.

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