Developed with education professionals, WEZIT EDUCATION offers a continuum of experiences between school, museum and family for school audience : it provides resources for the visit and missions adapted to each age group. The system provides content for before, during and after the visit.
WEZIT EDUCATION LIVE is ideal for classes that cannot travel to the museum, they can enjoy the complete experience remotely.

In the classroom

Prepare the visit in class using the materials provided by the museum’s team (access to the interactive space).

During the visit

Use a dedicated device to answer prepared questions and complete a mission in groups.

Back to school

Continue the activity at school and present group work to the class

With the family

Return to the museum with family, the pupil introduces their work and takes on the role of guide for their family during the visit.

interactive pedagogies

Wezit takes a visionary approach to envisioning solutions that empower museums, heritage sites, and tourist destinations to offer innovative tools to school audiences.

We go beyond traditional approaches to create a seamless continuum of pedagogical activities, extending before, during, and after visits. Moreover, our tools serve as valuable resources for educators, firmly rooted in the findings of educational science and didactics research.

Craft tours that blend playfulness and education.

  • A Holistic Educational Experience
    Wezit understands the importance of a comprehensive educational experience for students. We design tools and resources that engage students not only during their visit but also before and after. This approach includes preparatory activities that build anticipation, immersive in-site experiences that stimulate learning, and post-visit resources that reinforce the educational content. We strive to create a dynamic and continuous learning journey.
  • Resources for Educators 
    Wezit’s expertise extends to providing resources for guides and interpreter, ensuring that educators have the support they need to guide students effectively. Our tools offer valuable insights and materials that align with educational objectives and pedagogical methods. We collaborate closely with educational experts to develop tools that are rooted in the latest research in education science and didactics, empowering mediators to facilitate meaningful learning experiences.
  •  Bridging Research and Practice
    Wezit is committed to bridging the gap between research and practice in education. Our solutions are not only innovative but also firmly grounded in evidence-based educational principles. By leveraging the latest findings from education research, we ensure that our tools facilitate meaningful and impactful learning experiences for students.

We believe that education should be a dynamic and engaging journey, and our expertise in educational digital mediation reflects this philosophy.

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