Wezit Live


360° Visuals

Navigate your audience through 360° photos and videos


Engage with participants orally via videoconferencing or in writing via chat, and create playful moments with quizzes and game components.

Enhanced content

Enrich your visit with points of interest featuring texts, images, videos or interactive 3D models.

Group interface

Display the guide in widescreen format, while each user has access to the immersive, interactive tour on their own station.

a new remote guided tour solution

WEZIT LIVE,  the latest innovation from the WEZIT universe, is a complete solution for live guided tours online, integrating a powerful videoconferencing system and an immersive tour engine. The guide leads participants live through 360° visuals and shares enriched content (images, videos, 3D models, etc.). The group interacts with the guide via videoconferencing and an integrated chat system. Manage tours and content in WEZIT STUDIO. Mutualize content with other devices (mobile or in situ). The back-office planning system makes it easy to schedule visit sessions, register participants and automatically send out invitations.


Visitors enjoy an enriched 360° experience thanks to the scenarization of the visit and the creation of points of interest: videos, 3D manipulable objects, quizzes… The tour becomes immersive, captivating and memorable.


Your collections are accessible from anywhere, even from home, and to everyone: children, persons with disabilities, students, pr far-flung audiences in all corners of the planet – new audiences to be conquered.


… and break free of the constraints of the site. Bring your audiences into inaccessible spaces on site, and take them to historic locations in just a few clicks.


The WEZIT LIVE experience opens up the creative potential of your exhibitions by exploring original topics, or dedicated to a specific audience. Make your temporary exhibitions last, or create new digital exhibitions!


Our solution gives visitors the opportunity to play an active role in the visit, by creating a genuine exchange with the guide via integrated chat, games and quizzes. Participants can also explore the 360° tour in total autonomy.


The WEZIT LIVE experience is designed to arouse the curiosity of captivated audiences to discover more “on site”.

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