Project name The Michelin Adventure
Devices Wezit Live
Client Michelin - Clermont-Ferrand - France
Project benefits Remote guided Tours of the 'Aventure Michelin'- Powered by Wezit Live

The ‘L’Aventure Michelin’ site in Clermont-Ferrand is a museum dedicated to the history and innovation of the Michelin brand. It provides visitors with an insight into the evolution of the automotive and tire industry through interactive exhibitions, historical artifacts, and testimonials, highlighting Michelin’s impact on mobility and technology.

A remote guided tour is offered to the general public and Michelin’s 120,000 employees worldwide.

It includes over 50 photos and 360° videos, as well as more than 200 points of interest (POIs).

The remote tour interface. Panoramas have been created throughout the museum for an immersive tour.”

An interactive map allows remote visitors to better understand the site.

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