Immersive experiences



Wezit In Situ is one of the world’s most powerful solutions for managing immersive experiences content either mobile or within your exhibitions.

2d and 3d object exploration


Design a ludic experience for a renewed content approach

Personalized timelines

Dynamic multilingual labels

Digital signage

Display practical information


Integrate points of interest and routes.


Discover content using images or videos with captions.


With 3d effects for virtual page-turning, and an index for browsing.

Immersion in the field of cultural experiences is characterized by plunging visitors into a narrative, detaching them from reality, whether through large-format projection or the use of technologies such as augmented or virtual reality. This immersion is also accompanied by interactive activities in which the visitor becomes an integral part of the scenography. Wezit excels in harnessing these diverse possibilities to enhance the visits to museums, heritage sites, and tourist destinations

Place visitors at the very heart of your scenario.

  • Diversity of immersive devices
    The immersive devices designed by Wezit have the primary mission of stimulating the visitor’s senses to weave a captivating narrative. The main focus lies in immersing visitors in stimulating interactions, using game design mechanisms that encourage them to collaborate and play together. These mechanisms fully engage them in a specific story or objective. This approach transforms passive visitors into active participants in the cultural experience, where storytelling and aesthetics merge to create an unforgettable immersive experience.
  • Mobilizing a range of skills
    To achieve these objectives, Wezit mobilizes a wide range of expertise, tailored to the needs of each project. Among these skills are motion design, 3D modeling, mapping, audiovisual production, illustration, and sound design. The agility of the Wezit team lies in its ability to choose the appropriate skills based on the available source materials and the goals of the immersive experience.
  • Tailored creativity for unique experiences
    Wezit stands out for its strong expertise in creating immersive experiences for museums, heritage sites, and tourist destinations. The agency adeptly harnesses various forms of immersion, using a variety of tools to engage the senses and immerse visitors in captivating narratives. Thanks to a wide range of skills, Wezit can customize each immersive experience to meet the specific needs of each project, offering unique and engaging cultural experiences all around Europe.
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