The Crozatier Museum

Project name Multimedia permanent exhibition Musée Crozatier
Devices Motion design films - Digital panels - Interactive tables - Motion Detection Interactivity
Client Le Puy-en-Velay - France
Project benefits Stonemason simulator with motion detection - Digital panels managed by the Wezit platform

Crozatier Museum, located in Le Puy-en-Velay, is one of the key museums in Auvergne, offering a rich collection of art and history. Renovated in 2018, it presents diverse exhibitions spanning from prehistory to contemporary art.

Renovated in 2018, it features diverse exhibits ranging from prehistory to contemporary art.

The museum is also renowned for its entomology collection and religious art pieces associated with the Compostela pilgrimage.

Our teams have developed numerous exhibits, including motion design and studio-shot films, drone footage, interactive simulation devices, and animated immersive installations.

All interactive devices, such as digital labels, are managed through the Wezit platform.

A studio-shot film on a green screen features characters from the Roman era, creatively rendered as “collages.”

Large-format films illustrate the geological evolution of the region.

A didactic yet spectacular approach has been chosen, allowing for the display of geological cross-sections and accelerated transformations while maintaining a schematic level.

Digital labels are placed near exhibition showcases, providing detailed information about the objects.

Digital labels are placed near the collection showcases.

Administered by the Wezit platform, they detail the objects’ purpose.

A stone mason’s gesture simulator has been created, based on Microsoft Kinect technology.

Numerous interactive kiosks are integrated into the museum’s scenography.


This project has been carried out with the Wezit Mobile solution.

Contents are managed by the Wezit Studio platform.

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