Aachen – “Oecher People” exhibition

Project name "Oecher People" exhibition
Devices Native app
Client City of Aachen - Germany
Project benefits Image recognition - Augmented Reality

Aachen is a historic city located in western Germany, bordering Belgium and the Netherlands.
It is famed for its cathedral, where Charlemagne was crowned and buried, now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

In the “Oecher People” exhibition, the city of Aachen portrays some of its residents and lets them have their say thanks to augmented reality.

Whether from the start-up scene, retail or science, the Aacheners in the temporary exhibition “Oecher People” give an insight into their lives and work in the city, and thanks to a mobile smartphone app, visitors to the exhibition can bring each of the twelve photo portraits to life.

Each portrait has a magical, Harry Potter-like effect when it starts to speak. The app uses image recognition and augmented reality, rather than magic, to bring the photos to life.

The ‘Oecher People’ exhibition was first shown at the Elisengarten in Aachen in April 2024. Further dates are planned for other locations in the city.


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