Remote guided tours



Remote guided tours

WEZIT LIVE helps you create virtual guided tour scenarios , by combining a powerful videoconferencing system hosted by a guide with an immersive 360° digital tour.

Manage tour sessions easily from WEZIT STUDIO (create sessions, send automatic invitations…).

360° Visuals

Navigate your audience through 360° photos and videos


Engage with participants orally via videoconferencing or in writing via chat, and create playful moments with quizzes and game components.

Enhanced content

Enrich your visit with points of interest featuring texts, images, videos or interactive 3D models.

Group interface

Display the guide in widescreen format, while each user has access to the immersive, interactive tour on their own station.

In the digital era, remote or virtual visits have become a new opportunity for heritage sites to reach out to new audiences. Wezit has been an early adopter of this new format for cultural experiences, allowing audiences to discover sites and their collections in an immersive and interactive manner. Here, the goal is not to compete with on-site visits but to genuinely offer a fresh way to experience visits, especially in contexts where physical visits may sometimes be impossible.

Reach out to your audience when they can’t come to you. Make the remote experience as captivating as the real thing.

  • Accessibility for All
    Remote guided tours represent an exceptional opportunity to provide high-quality content, curated by the site, to geographically distant or physically challenged audiences. This includes individuals with disabilities, residents in nursing homes, or hospital patients. This approach promotes inclusion and accessibility, allowing a wide range of people to enjoy the cultural experience offered. Remote visits also provide the opportunity to reach school audiences who cannot physically visit the site. Educators can organize interactive guided tours for their students, expanding educational horizons beyond geographical boundaries.
  • Exploring New Narratives
    Heritage sites can also leverage this new form of visit to explore new narrative horizons. It is now possible to showcase places that are inaccessible to on-site visitors and to develop thematic tours. This evolution opens the door to new formats, such as remote visits combined with activities led by the guide, such as tastings or model-making, offering an enriching and immersive experience.
  • A new revenue stream for museums
    This new model allows sites to generate an additional source of income by breaking free from their traditional geographical limitations. They can now reach a global audience, expanding their reach and financial impact.

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