Mobile expertise


Native apps and PWA

Accompany your visitors throughout their visit with a downloadable application or a Progressive Web App. WEZIT adapts to all types of scenarios and media (audio, image, text, video…) and features a wide range of features (geolocation, guidance, 2D or 3D image recognition, games, augmented reality…)


Wezit adapts to all types of scenarios and media (audio, image, text, video, etc.)


Indoor and outdoor geolocation
outdoor, customizable maps


Pour créer une expérience ludique, choisissez des modules de jeux ou concevez un parcours dédié à un jeu de piste. Wezit mobile permet la gestion de scores et de gratifications.

Augmented or substituted reality

Image or object recognition

Push notification

send contextualized

Personalization of tour itineraries

Tour recommendations based on visitor profiles.

Visitors’ diary

Users can record the works of art or objects of interest during their visit to create a downloadable diary


In the ever-evolving world of cultural institutions and tourist destinations,  Wezit has garnered a profound understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by the institutions it collaborates with, through a portfolio summing over a hundred app projects. At Wezit, we understand that no two sites are the same, and this belief drives us to create tailored solutions that cater to the specific needs of each client. 

Offer everyone a connected journey for an enhanced visiting experience.

  • Mediation and interpretation
    Wezit’s primary mission is to enrich the visitor experience by seamlessly integrating technology into museums, heritage sites, and tourist attractions. Through our sophisticated apps, visitors gain access to complementary audio and multimedia content that enhances their understanding of the site and its collections. We empower individuals to delve deeper into narratives, offering profound insights that forge a more meaningful connection with the surroundings. 
  • Accessibility for all
    Inclusivity is at the heart of Wezit’s approach. Recognizing the diversity of global visitors, our apps break language barriers by providing content in visitors’ native languages. We prioritize accessibility, ensuring that our apps cater to the unique needs of individuals with disabilities. Through advanced geolocation technology, visitors can navigate sites effortlessly, creating an enriching experience for everyone.
  • Building audience loyalty
    In today’s competitive landscape, preserving heritage is intertwined with effective marketing. Wezit understands these challenges intimately. Our apps empower personalized visits based on a variety of criteria, from individual interests to time constraints. We offer essential visitor services such as in-app ticketing, activity booking, and flow management, streamlining the visitor journey. Additionally, our solutions establish a seamless pre- and post-visit connection, ensuring that visitors remain engaged long before they arrive and well after they depart.

Whatever the technology chosen (native app or Progressive Web App), our team of specialists will work with you to design a program finely tailored to the spirit of the site and its content.

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