The Nantes Museum of Arts

Project name Multimedia permanent exhibition MAN
Devices Native mobile application - Interactive tables
Client Nantes Metropole - Nantes - France
Project benefits Indoor geolocation - Interface with collection management software: over 800 POIs - No data pre-loading required - Internal WIFI network

Situated in the city of Nantes, France, the Nantes Museum of Art is dedicated to showcasing artworks spanning various eras, from the 13th century to contemporary art. It houses a diverse and extensive collection, including notable paintings, sculptures, and installations by renowned artists. The museum is also actively involved in educational programs and temporary exhibitions.

Digital technology plays a pivotal role in the museum’s mediation strategy, and Wezit has been responsible for all digital solutions.

Visitors can plan their visit online or use interactive kiosks in the lobby.

They can also download a geolocated mobile app, enabling them to explore the museum at their own pace or follow a guided tour prepared by the museum.

Geolocation within the museum is comprehensive, allowing visitors to pinpoint their exact location and locate specific artworks on a map.

The mobile app boasts an extensive collection of over 800 detailed Points of Interest (POI) and is seamlessly integrated with the collection management system through the Wezit platform.

A website is dedicated to helping visitors plan their trips, with Wezit ensuring that the data remains up-to-date.

Interactive tables are available to aid in the interpretation of select artworks.

Visual exploration and in-depth analysis of the paintings are also encouraged.

The mobile app is geolocated using over 300 Beacon tags strategically positioned throughout the museum.


This project has been carried out with the Wezit Mobile and Wezit In Situ solutions.

Contents are managed by the Wezit Studio platform.

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