Project name Digital forest. A virtual journey into climate research.
Devices Native virtual reality application for HTC headsets
Client University of Göttingen - Deutschland
Project benefits 3D modelling - Virtual reality on headset

The “Forum Wissen” at the University of Göttingen is a unique space dedicated to the dissemination of and dialogue around scientific knowledge.

The institution aims to connect the academic world with the general public through interactive exhibitions, events and dialogues on various research topics.

The forum aims to create a bridge between science, culture and society by encouraging the exploration and discussion of scientific and societal themes.

For a temporary exhibition designed in cooperation with Göttingen University’s Department of Climatology on the theme of forests and climate change, Wezit was commissioned to design and develop a virtual reality experience.

The experience, available via an HTC Vive headset, invites visitors to engage with the measurements taken by scientists in the dedicated research area of the Hainich Forest, a UNESCO natural heritage site.

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