Musée lorrain

Project name Multimedia Solutions for the Permanent Exhibition Preview
Devices Interactive Kiosks Web-Based Interactive Systems Virtual Reality Application
Client City of Nancy - France
Project benefits Virtual Reality Experience with VR Headsets - Real-Time 3D Exploration of Artworks - Interactive Games for Young Audiences

The Musée Lorrain, located in Nancy, is a regional art and history museum housing a rich collection of artworks, historical objects, and archaeological artifacts related to the Lorraine region.

For the regional archeological, historical, ethnological museum in Nancy, whose rooms inside the former palace of the dukes of Lorraine are scheduled to reopen in 2025 after major renovation works, we developed new interactive applications: interactive terminals, mobile applications for tablets, a website.

These applications consist of numerous animations, real-time interactive models, and games for a younger audience.

Interactive systems allow for guided exploration of the main artworks in 2D and 3D.

The “Stanislas Microscope” can be manipulated in real-time 3D and features clickable Points of Interest.

High-definition visual representations of paintings can be explored using Tile technology.

They also feature Points of Interest that provide detailed information about each element.

Several animated films have been created, introducing unique visual worlds, as seen in the “Treasure of Pouilly.”

For young audiences, all interactive systems incorporate games using simple techniques like drag-and-drop.

A virtual reality application was developed to showcase a preview of the future museum during renovations.

The museum director presents the major scenographic themes within the 3D environments of the future project.


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