Project name "Esprit critique" exhibition
Devices Interactive handling - Visit continuum - Interactive kiosks - Collective interactivity
Client Cap sciences - Bordeaux - France
Project benefits Continuum of visit with traceability of visitor activity to provide a synthesis at the end of the visit - Numerous handling operations requiring the visitor to take action.

The “Esprit Critique” exhibition is an educational initiative aimed at promoting critical thinking and the scientific approach.

It is co-produced by a consortium of science museums.


Designed as an immersive interactive journey, the “manipulations” offered throughout the exhibition create a continuous path that allows the public to grasp the principles of responsible consumption.

One of the technical challenges of the project was to enable communication between RFID readers, electromagnets, Hall effect sensors, and push buttons within our applications. This integration ensures physical interaction methods and provides visitors with a comprehensive summary of their experience at the end of the exhibition.

The technology employed is RFID, facilitated through bracelets provided to the visitors.

Visitors are provided with a bracelet that accompanies them throughout the entire exhibition. They use it to identify themselves at each interactive station.

Numerous interactive manipulations are designed to create memorable experiences for visitors.

Some interactive manipulations are based on object manipulation using RFID technology.

Others involve more complex actions often related to specific objects.

At the end of the exhibition, visitors have the opportunity to review a summary of their actions and gain a deeper understanding of the significance of responsible consumption.

This exhibition embodies an innovative approach to fostering critical thinking and responsible consumer behavior.


This project has been carried out with the Wezit In Situ solution.

Contents are managed by the Wezit Studio platform.

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