Puy du Fou

Les Épesses - France

Geo-localised application, managing flowsand live-translate

Le Puy du Fou is the second largest leisure park in France, after Disneyland Paris. The park’s uniqueness is based on its spectacular historical performances, combining technology and the staging of actors who tell a story to the audience.

In Toledo, Spain, a new park was launched in 2019, on the theme of the history of Spain.

The park can be visited over one or two days and a night show is offered on summer weekends. To accompany visitors and offer them services, an application based on Wezit was launched five years ago and is updated every year.

Several hundred thousand people use the app each year.

Geo-location and guidance within the leisure park.

Personalised guidance takes into account visitor flows and the preferences of the public service. The visit “preference system” triggers “push” alerts based on available activity opportunities, taking into account the observed visitor flows.


For all shows, foreign visitors can benefit from the synchronised soundtrack.

Puy du Fou, Mazedia, Wezit

Wezit contribution

  • Content management

  • Positioning, guidance

  • Real time management of the agenda

  • Live Real Time