Puy Du Fou

Project name Mobile applications and service websites
Devices Native mobile application
Client Puy du Fou - France and Spain
Project benefits Electronic ticketing - Real-time itineraries management within the park - Scheduling and management of shows - Click and collect foodservice - Geolocalised information on activities - Live translate: Multilingual audio synchronisation for shows

Le Puy du Fou is a historical theme park in France. It is renowned for its grandiose shows retracing various periods of history, from Roman gladiators to medieval knights. The park offers a unique immersive experience of the past.

The mobile application for Puy du Fou is a key tool for visitors, providing high-value services such as restaurant reservations, click and collect, daily organization, and real-time queue information.

Geolocation relies on GPS and proximity to Wi-Fi hotspots. The application also allows foreign visitors to access audio translations of the shows, synchronised with the utmost precision.

The applications developed for the Puy du fou are dedicated to international parks according to their specificities: Puy du fou France and Puy du fou España.

Geolocation is complemented with visitor guidance features. Geolocation is complemented with visitor guidance features. The system is connected to sensors within the park and offers the best routes to avoid crowds. This personalized recommendation system also provides information on queues for different shows.

Highly service-oriented, the application offers powerful tools for preparing the visit, adapted to the context of day-to-day show schedules. Restaurant reservations and click and collect are also possible.

Foreign visitors can follow the various shows in their own language through synchronized audio in the application.

The website was also created by our teams. Based on Drupal, it allows exploration of different shows and numerous visit planning services.

Online reservation is a key element of the website.


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