Project name Digitalcity
Devices Website with an immersive 3D environment
Client Comatelec - Paris - France
Project benefits Simple and dynamic navigation to explore products in situ

Comatelec Schréder is a company specializing in the design and manufacturing of outdoor lighting solutions. They offer innovative and sustainable products for public, road, and architectural lighting, with a focus on LED technologies and intelligent lighting solutions for increased energy efficiency.

The “Digital City” website was created to offer a virtual tour of environments showcasing Comatelec’s product line.

Built to adapt to users’ bandwidth constraints, this platform also includes an auditorium with videos from key experts.

The virtual environment was created for different settings where products are showcased, such as sports venues and urban areas.

By scrolling down, users can discover the brand’s products in various real-world situations.

Clicking on a product provides access to its detailed description.

An online auditorium offers access to videos featuring experts explaining the benefits of the products.

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