Project name Cité du Vin - Permanent Exhibition
Devices Interactive tables with tangible object recognition and real-time 3D - Interactive maps - Audiovisuals
Client Cité des Civilisations du Vin - Bordeaux - France
Project benefits Interactive 3D real-time experience using bust totems of illustrious figures to navigate on a tangible object recognition table

The Cité des Civilisations du Vin opened its doors in June 2016 in Bordeaux. Placing digital technology at the center of its mediation devices, the City of Wine wanted to integrate a major interactive device that allows the public to discover the impact of the wine trade on the development of the city.

Two multi-touch interactive tables with tangible object recognition offer the public real-time 3D navigation through iconic locations in the city in different historical periods.

Visitors must choose a statuette symbolizing the desired period and then use it on a horizontal table like a “joystick” to navigate through the locations.

On a vertical screen, the 3D image is displayed as they move it.

This device, created in partnership with MG Design and AGP, required the integration of numerous innovative technologies to achieve very high-quality 3D rendering.

The interactive table is controlled by objects placed on its surface, which are recognized by the system.

Each historical period is symbolized by a totem representing an emblematic figure of the era. Placing the totem on the table reveals the map of that period, and moving it causes the visual on the screen to move in real-time through the streets of Bordeaux during the relevant era.

The 3D modeling was pushed for high realism, displayed on a large-format screen.

Drone footage was captured in all the vineyards of the region, leading visitors to an interactive “terroir map.


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