Citadel of Verdun

Project name Tour of the Underground Citadel of Verdun
Devices Augmented Reality Tour on a Wire-Guided Gondola - Virtual Reality Device - Audiovisual Experience
Client Greater Verdun Metropolitan Area - France
Project benefits This immersive device was awarded the Numix prize in Montreal in 2023. A 35-minute augmented reality tour

The Citadel of Verdun, built in the 17th century, is a fortified complex that bears witness to the military history of the region.

It houses museums and memorials related to World War I.

The tour takes place in wire-guided cabins, with visitors receiving AR headsets through which they experience scenes from life in the trenches.

These scenes are constructed from studio shots combined with graphical information, projected onto a virtual background via video mapping.

In collaboration with the Maskarade agency, in charge of the scenography, we managed the entire technical aspect (application development, content synchronization, and the management of 200 Epson AR headsets) as well as content production (films and background images).

The underground citadel is steeped in history but lacks facilities and furnishings, with only uniform galleries stretching for several kilometers. Video mapping was used to create the background scenery.

The characters that visitors follow during their visit were filmed in a studio and integrated into the augmented reality goggles.

The augmented reality glasses have been incorporated into a specially designed helmet, linked to the central system to synchronize with the movement of the wire-guided gondolas on which visitors are seated.

Within the augmented reality goggles, scenes come to life thanks to a scenario that recounts a day in the life of the soldiers in the citadel during the Battle of Verdun in 1916.

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