Project name Land of Giants - Post-show
Devices Interactive Games - Souvenir Photo Booth - Virtual Reality Departmental Site Database Kiosk
Client Haute-Loire Department - France
Project benefits As a continuation of the main video-mapping show, the devices are seamlessly integrated into the chapel, building on the main scenaristic concepts.

The digital tour of the Saint-Alexis Chapel is a creation by the Haute-Loire Department (France) aimed at highlighting various aspects of this highly touristy department’s heritage.

Owned by the department since 2013, the Saint-Alexis Chapel is listed as a Historical Monument.

The chapel, characterized by its original scenography and strong visual identity, showcases the touristic gems of the Haute-Loire destination through three successive spaces: pre-show, show, and post-show.

Wezit handled the design and supply of all multimedia and audiovisual tools for this third phase, aimed at highlighting the diversity of the department’s heritage.

These tools include a series of interactive devices on tactile supports (kiosks, tables, vertical screens) that emphasize different aspects of this heritage through interactive and playful principles (drag-and-drop, quizzes, puzzles, etc.).

The post-show concludes a video-mapping performance and opens an interactive phase during which visitors are engaged in discovering the region and its heritage. Games are offered to explore the heritage of Haute-Loire.

The characters welcoming visitors are the same as those in the main show. They accompany visitors until their departure.

A virtual reality device allows visitors to immerse themselves in the most beautiful sites in the department.

A map lists all the tourist sites in the department and offers filtered queries. The system is connected in real-time to the departmental tourism database.

A photo shooting area enables visitors to create a souvenir that they can retrieve at the boutique.


This project has been carried out with the Wezit In Situ solution.

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