TJG Dresde

Dresde - Germany

An innovative experience involving participants in a group scenario, guided by actors.

Mobile interactive scenario

Platform Shift+ is a joint project announced by the European Commission, involving 11 partners and 9 different countries, offering showings for young children, combining traditional and innovative means.

One of the partners for the programme, the TJG (Theater Junge Generation) was created in 1949 and is in Dresden, in Germany.

TJG is not only a local theatre, it is also a centre offering innovative performances for children, young adults and families.

TJG also assists drama teachers with their teaching methods. The theatre can be defined as a school with a research division and experimental workshops.

The Wezit solution was chosen in an effort to attract a younger, tech-savvy audience, by providing mobile solutions to create an innovative experience.

A performance was created that was focused on “conscience building” on the daily decisions young immigrants must face while adjusting to their new lives.

The scene created by the TJG involved a digital participative experience, in which the participants were provided with a touch screen tablet.

The experience was limited to 60 viewers. To add to the artistic performance, videos and images could be posted to the participants’ tablets. There is therefore a real interaction between the actors and the audience.

    As the two main performers “act”, their actions trigger the content on the participants’ tablets via a connected watch.

  In some cases, the content is triggered by geo-tracking.

Wezit contribution

  • Gestion de contenus

  • Géolocalisation

  • Commande temps réel par montre connectée avec Wezit mobile