Museon Arlaten

Arles - France

The Museon Arlaten reopened in 2021 after the historical design from Frédéric Mistral was modernised, and digital tools are a key part of the new tour.

Around sixty programmes have been created in three or four languages
(some of them even include regional dialects)
and all of them use Wezit for the management of the content.

The Wezit solution is installed on the museum’s servers and used for a wide range of applications:

Digital signage: Information about the museum’s programme in real time, display the events of the day.
Wezit’s configurable digital signage modules are used for this.

Digital museum labels: Almost 4,000 objects from the museum’s extensive collection are described within the museum’s exhibition areas. All of this information is administered by the Wezit solution and visitors can select the image that corresponds to an object in a nearby display cabinet.
With this technique, detailed information in several languages can be provided, without taking up too much space in the museum.

Interactive terminals and tables: All the interactive tools are original concepts and are connected to Wezit via Angular SDK.
The tree structure is managed by Wezit studio, but the graphics design for the tools was designed by the Mazedia agency.

Games: Several games are available to visitors, including a real time 3D game: “Game of Rhône”. Users can travel up the river, over natural obstacles, just like the locals did in bygone days. The content and scores are managed in Wezit’s Studio and CRM modules.

The Wezit architecture ensures complete security for data provided and studio applications are independent in between updates. Content is compiled and then automatically made available on local devices, therefore limiting the risk of surveillance from the server solution.

Wezit contribution

  • Multi devices management

  • Multilingual management

  • Interface with third party applications (3D augmented reality)

  • Managing points of interest within images