RMN Grand Palais

Project name Mobile interpretation and services application
Devices Native mobile application
Client RMN Grand Palais - Paris France
Project benefits Electronic ticketing - Multimedia interpretation modules - Real-time 3D object manipulation - Image recognition - In-app purchases

An emblematic monument of the city of Paris, the Grand Palais hosts very popular temporary exhibitions twice a year.

The outreach team commissioned Wezit to create an application designed to provide a permanent offer to the public, incorporating a wide range of services: electronic ticketing, events calendar with the option of creating a personal agenda, notifications, permanent exhibition tours, etc.
The application is available on the Apple and Android stores and is managed by Wezit mobile.

The mobile application a wide range of audio content for visitors, as well as services such as dematerialised tickets.

In-app payment for the audioguide section of the mobile application. Each temporary exhibition is accompanied by a new tour, updated using the Wezit platform.

The content may be very simple, such as a visioguide incorporating visuals, text and audio sequences. It can also include games for visitors, as in the “Jean-Paul Gaultier” exhibition. The younger audience were able to personalize their own photos with Gaultier garments.

Advanced features are also offered in the technical architecture of the application. Real-time 3D manipulation and image recognition (here for the “Gauguin” exhibition) provide a new form of interactivity and connect visitors with the collections.


This project has been carried out with the Wezit Mobile solution.

Contents are managed by the Wezit Studio platform.

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