Project name Mobile guide to the new exhibition scenography of the Cluny Museum
Devices Mobile application provided on a visioguide
Client Musée de Cluny – Musée national du Moyen-Age , Paris France
Project benefits Multimedia interpretation modules - Children’s interactive tour - Indoor geolocation

The Cluny Museum, located in Paris, is dedicated to the Middle Ages. It encompasses the Gallo-Roman thermal baths and the Cluny Mansion. It houses the famous tapestry “La Dame à la Licorne” (the Lady and the unicorn).

The scenography has undergone a complete redesign, and digital mediation tools have been concentrated into a mobile guide, available to visitors at the museum reception.
Advanced features are provided, such as indoor geolocation to contextualize information. The narrative for young visitors is also based on a script featuring a dialogue with a well-known magician. Extensive attention has also been given to the specific needs of audiences with disabilities.

The Cluny Museum’s mobile guide is available at the reception. It is ready for use and offers various types of tours tailored to different visitor profiles.

The guide has been designed to ensure the originality and quality of the mediation content. For young visitors, for example, the guide takes on the role of a magician in a highly scenarized version.

Special attention has been given to activities designed for children. Young visitors can freely explore the artworks and place them within a rigorous chronological narrative.

The museum has been fully equipped with geolocation beacons. The guides are set up so that visitors can find their way around the exhibitions and be guided by the programme.


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