Boulogne-sur-Mer - France

In 2018, Nausicaa carried out extension works and became the biggest aquarium in Europe, a few kilometres away from Belgium.

The user experience has also been redesigned,
using a transmedia approach.

NAUSICAA is a surprising place. Besides the huge aquariums, this iconic place in the north of France has created an experience that fully harnesses multimedia. Interactive games on tables or terminals, a geolocated mobile application, and above all, tools for improving customer loyalty were designed along with the extension. Wezit is at the heart of the solution.

Mobile application with indoor positioning feature

Visitors use a mobile application to assist them in their visit, with a positioning feature for inside the exhibition areas. This was created using Wezit’s indoor positioning features, based on radio-based location technology using 300 beacons. The project was made even more challenging due to the glass displays around the aquariums and the presence of water. The result, however, meets all the initial expectations.

Manage content created by several digital agencies

One of the goals of this project was to connect the activities to a “premium members” database where favourites, scores and badges could be stored, as well as sales information such as tickets bought, etc.

The interactive terminals were created by a local digital agency, the ticket office was provided by a specialised company, and Mazedia created the mobile application and member database, using Wezit as a base.

A single sign on (SSO) authentication scheme had to be implemented.

A mini CRM built into Wezit

Wezit provides tools to manage visitor behaviour. These are simple elements such as managing sign-ins, storage of data created by the visitor such as photos taken or the results of some of the digital workshops, scores and badges from games.

This “visitor” module was a key part of this project.

Wezit contribution

  • Multi devices management

  • Wezit Mobile

  • Interface to the ticketing software

  • Managing the rules of the game

  • Structuring transmedia content

  • Positioning