Dijon Museum of Fine Arts

Project name Multimedia phase 2 prior to reopening
Devices Native mobile app and PWA - Interactive devices - Real-time 3D device with Leap motion
Client Dijon Museum of Fine Arts - Dijon - France
Project benefits A native mobile application for audience engagement and PWA for tourist visits - Interactive devices integrating hyper-realistic 3D content - Interactive hand-controlled devices - Accessibility for people with disabilities - Content management through the Wezit platform

The Fine Arts Museum of Dijon is a prominent cultural institution in France, housing an extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, and artistic artifacts spanning from the Middle Ages to the modern era. It showcases diverse artistic styles and includes masterpieces reflecting the Burgundian heritage.

The Museum reopened in 2019 after a long renovation phase. We implemented several interactive applications, including numerous stationary interactive applications.

Sometimes didactical, sometimes playful, these applications are an important part of the mediation concept of the museum.

Some of the applications offer a gesture-based navigation using the leap-motion technology.

The mobile application offers advanced features such as indoor geolocation guidance within the exhibition halls.

The installations are diverse and often rely on hyper-realistic 3D and innovative interactions.

Several devices allow for real-time manipulation of 3D models.

The experience continues inside the chapel, again in 3D.

Interactive tables provide educational activities for discovering painting techniques.

Visitors can freely engage in drawing on a dedicated interactive table, with provided models and interactive tools. It’s up to them to create.

The mobile application is available in both native mode, offering all features to retain frequent visitors, and PWA mode, providing occasional use and simplified content access.

Indoor geolocation has been implemented within the museum using multiple beacons. Guidance is offered while respecting access for different types of visitors.

Numerous interactive applications enhance the exhibitions, offering educational modules for all audiences.

Hyper-realistic 3D is used to illustrate dioramas.

A remote guided tour, based on the Wezit Live solution, is available. Guided in real-time, nearly 50 simultaneous participants can join sessions lasting approximately 45 minutes, directly from their homes.

Some immersive installations employ innovative forms of interactivity, such as Leap Motion. With hand gestures, visitors can navigate through a real-time 3D world, recreating the museum’s original historical scenography.


This project has been carried out with the Wezit Mobile and Wezit In Situ solutions.

Contents are managed by the Wezit Studio platform.

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