How easily store, publish and connect best museum heritage data?

A one-in-two solution that allows you to:

- store and organize your data or connect to already existing databases

- publish these data on one or several devices...

Mobile phones, tablets, multitouch tables, kiosks, web, connected objects: everything's possible!

It's pretty easy with Wezit: visitors can prepare their visit and create their own customized tour.

This tour can then be found again in the app once in the museum (thanks to a user account).

During the whole visit, visitors can like some elements and thus create their "souvenir" booklet.

And let's comment and share at the end of the visit!



Multitouch table / Kiosk


Connected devices

  • 1 Content management, addition of new devices
  • 2 Getting started on the Internet, visiting on site and nurturing angagement afterwards
  • 3 Multitouch tables and kiosks
  • 4 Indoor tour app
  • 5 Virtual reality, specific devices
  • 6 Outdoor mobile app
  • 7 Museum visiting tools for the education realm
  • 8 Behavior analysis

Wezit in action


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