Thanks to Wezit, you can manage your content online and build a site allowing visitors:

to prepare their visit to the museum and already select some works they wish to see in particular;

to create their own custom tour based on the works they wish to see.

Everything they prepare can later be accessed (thanks to a user account) on the mobile app, which connects directly with the devices installed in the museum: multitouch tables, kiosks, etc.

During the whole visit, visitors can create bookmarks for works and information they are interested in. They can then go back to these favorites, edit, comment and share them after their visit.



Multitouch table / Kiosk


Connected devices

  • 1 Content management, addition of new devices
  • 2 Getting started on the Internet, visiting on site and nurturing angagement afterwards
  • 3 Multitouch tables and kiosks
  • 4 Indoor tour app
  • 5 Virtual reality, specific devices
  • 6 Outdoor mobile app
  • 7 Museum visiting tools for the education realm
  • 8 Behavior analysis
Wezit allows you to build bridges between educational aids, audience-engaging devices, and the continuous process of learning and discovering a city or an area – thanks to workshops, display screens, multitouch tables, personal connected devices, applications, social media, temporary exhibitions.

Working with different scenarios, it is possible to adapt to the diversity of user experiences and to take into account that people – either local inhabitants or visitors – can take multiple paths between the location of the digital educational devices and the place that they live in or visit.

Wezit in action