Smile Smart Grids

Nantes, Rennes - France

Two showrooms were set up to showcase projects for smart grids at the regional headquarters for ENEDIS, the French operator who manages the electrical infrastructure for the whole of France.

SMILE is a European project to provide support for projects that are directly or indirectly linked to smart grids, which will eventually help optimise our electricity consumption and make new services available.

To be able to meet with professionals, local officials, and groups of visitors, SMILE has created two showrooms and the necessary content has been provided by Wezit studio.

Two showrooms with the same content but each with its own distinct means of interaction.

The size and layout of the two showrooms are slightly different. The designer therefore has to adapt the visit experience to these elements. This has an impact on the multimedia devices. Some themes involve several interactive terminals in one area, and a giant screen in another The content is however identical.

Wezit studio distributes the content across different media, taking into account the unique interaction characteristics. The titles and menus are often different, even though the information is the same. Wezit was chosen to provide a flexible solution.

An external software programme manages the project description

With this solution, the projects carried out by the SMILE team can be monitored. The projects can even be created on a daily basis in this tool, and the showroom is updated daily. Wezit is linked to this software via a technical gateway, to establish this connection on a daily basis.

Wezit contribution

  • Multi-site and multi-device content management

  • Management of the tree structure