Pèlerinage militaire international de Lourdes

Lourdes - France

Mobile application for services

The International Military Pilgrimage (PMI) app, designed to guide visitors and complete a visit during a pilgrimage, is available in iOS and Android versions in 11 languages.

It allows visitors to access a calendar and find the programme and location of national and international celebrations. They can also get practical information about the pilgrimage, explore the interactive map and much more!

This application relies on Wezit to benefit from the solution’s performance for:

  • Online/offline management to provide services to pilgrims who do not have access to 4G data in France
  • The wide multilingual capacity of Wezit, including for non-latin alphabets
  • Management of geo-location and guidance

Wezit contribution

  • Content management

  • Event calendar management

  • Multilingual