Musée Lorrain

In the middle of a construction phase before reopening in 2022, the Lorraine Museum decided to develop multimedia systems for its future museum several years before they would be installed in situ, to allow them to be used first in temporary exhibitions in different cultural venues, and on the museum website for the general public.

Several interactive terminals have been created and are managed by Wezit so that the content can be adapted over time.

The main features are centred on the interpretation of the works, facilitating the exploration of a painting or object in 2D or 3D. For this, Wezit enabled POI management on 3D models with real-time manipulation on the screen.

Projet de rénovation du musée Lorrain

Games modules

Associated with each interactive terminal, game modules exploit Wezit’s capabilities for the functional use of Quizzes, drag/drop games, teasers, puzzles, etc.

Thus nearly twenty original games were developed, relying on Wezit Studio’s resources.

In situ – Online

These features are also available online on the Musée Lorrain website.

The developments, carried out in Angular, are based on Wezit toolkits that ensure full program connectivity with the platform.

Wezit Contribution

  • Multi Devices

  • ” Oeuvre à la loupe “

  • Real time 3D manipulation