Musée des impressionnismes

Giverny - France

Mobile application

The Musée des Impressionnismes, located in Giverny, wanted to create a mobile application to facilitate the exploration of places that inspired the great painters of this period.

The entire Seine estuary is the subject of a journey of discovery based on Wezit mobile, and uses augmented reality to put the works and the landscape that inspired the artist into perspective.

The app is available for free on iOS and Android for mobile and tablet.

Nine walks follow the Impressionist painters.

During the walks, the landscapes are linked to the works, facilitating an understanding of the artistic approach. In addition, the user has access to detailed explanations of the works and historical changes in the landscape.

Geo-location makes it easy to find the best viewing points.

By superimposing the digital medium over the physical view, it is possible to compare the landscape of yesterday with that of today. Thus, the user can become aware of the visual changes and better understand the Impressionist artists.

This is a different and fun way of discovering Impressionist works outside a museum. The project combines an exploration of the landscape and cultural learning.

Wezit Contribution

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