Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace

Paris - France

A mobile application was created using Wezit mobile's application models to provide visitors with a digital tour.

The Air and Space Museum is located in Le Bourget, near Paris. It offers visitors a collection of aircraft that can, for the most part, be visited. The concorde, the Ariane 5 rocket, makes the space museum very attractive to the general public and informed amateurs.

The creation of a mobile visiting companion serves as a mediation support for any type of element of the collection.

Using Wezit Mobile templates.

Wezit Mobile had a pre-established structure, flexible enough to adapt to the specific needs of the museum, and graphically open to integrate a unique design, in line with the graphic charter of the Air and Space Museum.

This is therefore the solution that was chosen; it has an interactive map with a list mode that can be used by “slidding” with the finger, and several levels of points of interest illustrated with media of all types.

Les apports de Wezit

  • Utilisation du modèle applicatif Wezit mobile