Musée de la Résistance

La Roche-sur-Yon - France

“Mission Résister”, an interactive discovery experience on a tablet

The Musée de la Résistance in the French department of Loiret welcomes many groups of school children and families with teenagers every year. It is always difficult to teach children of this age about a tragic theme such as the Second World War.

The Musée de Lorris is a small museum with an area of around 500 m², with interpretation tools and a rich collection of historical objects.

The “Mission Résister” game uses very innovative technology to engage visitors by asking them to collect objects that they will need as members of the resistance, to solve riddles by searching for clues in the displays, and provides them with distinct points throughout the visit, perfectly contextualising the tour.

Artificial intelligence for image recognition

Young visitors are asked to collect objects that will be useful in becoming members of the resistance. They can find these objects in the museum displays. The programme provides clues and the user uses the tablet and built-in camera to find the object. A recognition engine is used for that, based on artificial intelligence technology. This is one of the features on offer with Wezit mobile.

Informal learning: Students that visit the exhibition can test their knowledge with a game. They have a series of quizzes and educational drag-and-drop games about the Resistance and daily life during this Historic period.

Wezit mobile is used to administer the content and develop the objectives of the game

Thanks to Wezit mobile, the museum is free to develop this visit over time, so that visitors are faced with new challenges each time they come to the museum.

Tablets are available for the visit at the museum’s welcome desk.

The applications are already installed on the 10-inch tablets, and they are available when you arrive at the museum.

When they are returned the applications will automatically check for content updates. This is done automatically. The statistics are also compiled when they are returned.

Wezit contribution

  • Image recognition

  • Content management

  • Game management