Musée de la libération

Paris - France

Interactive table which describes, in chronological order, what happened on those two days in August 1944 when Paris was liberated.

The Musée de la Libération in Paris was recently transferred to the Montparnasse district, which was an iconic place in these events, to the Place Denfer Rochereau, where the members of the resistance actually coordinated their next moves.

An interactive table was transformed into a large touch screen on the wall, for visitors to learn about what happened.

An interactive map with multiple features:

The complex nature of the actions and the sheer density of the content required the use of a management tool to structure the organisation of the data. Wezit was chosen as the provider.

Several “routes” were entered into the Wezit studio platform, corresponding to the different routes taken by allied troops, members of the resistance and the actions taken by the French army.

The content is constantly updated:

One member of the museum’s staff is responsible for collecting scientific content from archives all over the world.

Thanks to Wezit, this information can be published very quickly in several langauges, and can be viewed immediately by visitors, without needing any further development or external procedures.

Wezit contribution

  • Content management

  • Points of interest (POI) and hierarchy management

  • Multilingual management