Maison Écocitoyenne de Bordeaux

Bordeaux - France

Transmedia project to encourage citizens to take action.

A transmedia project, proposing a personal action plan via a multi-touch table within the organisation, generating a summary e-mail and the option to download a personalised mobile application.

In the city of Bordeaux, this application makes it possible to discover the actions implemented by the city (wind project, ground-coupled heat exchanger, photovoltaic installation, etc).

Real-time information from the sensor data in an eco-citizen home.

The external temperature, the internal temperature, the energy consumption and the activity of alternative energy sources are displayed in a dashboard on the table.

Define your eco-citizen action plan, covering all your daily activities

By exploring human, professional and leisure activities at home, the visitor can understand the impact of their actions, sometimes seemingly innocuous, that have a significant impact on the environment. They are then invited to draw up an action plan, the summary of which will be sent by e-mail.

A mobile app to understand the impact of your decisions

To receive this plan, the user is asked to download a personalised mobile application that will allow him or her to discover the facilities in the city that can impact his or her action.

Wezit Contribution

  • Content management

  • Multi devices

  • Transmedia continuum

  • Sending a personalised email

  • Account creation