Maison du Handball

Créteil - France

Transmedia storytelling

The Maison du Handball, in Créteil, is a 15,000 m2 training centre, which includes an interpretive space that incorporates many digital systems.

Located in the heart of the Parc des Sports Dominique-Duvauchelle in Créteil, a suburb of Paris, the main goal of this complex is to become a handball incubator. But the idea is also to make this discipline better known, using different tools, in a fun and entertaining way.

This iconic place for high level sport offers several digital systems that use Wezit technology, and use a scenographic approach to the project.

“The clubs” interactive screen

The main objective of this device is to present the many affiliated FFHB (French Handball Federation) clubs.

Wezit is interfaced to a federation-specific database, which allows daily updating of information.

Unifying the digital journey

Wezit makes it possible to bring together all the content and, thanks to its rules engine, can deliver the scores of the various games on offer.

A particularly iconic game allows visitors to test their goalkeeping skills, thanks to an immersive scenario based on video shots of the main players in the French team.

Continuum of visits

The handball house used the “visit continuum” approach, with a system of personalised postcards.

This element offers visitors the possibility to create their own postcard and send it to themselves by email… a way to keep a souvenir of the experience, and to invite your loved ones to visit this stimulating place!

Wezit Contribution

  • Multi devices

  • Content management