Maison des enfants d’Izieu

Izieu - France

Digital programmes generator - Interactive terminals and tables

The Maison des Enfants d’Izieu, in the French department of Ain, welcomed a group of 44 Jewish children during the Second World War, of different nationalities. After being exposed, they were deported and then assassinated in Auschwitz.

An association works to keep the memory of these tragic events alive, through various cultural mediation tools.

Researchers are still making new discoveries that impact the content and new interpretation tools are often being developed. With that in mind, the team of mediators chose Wezit to create a programmes generator based on five personalised modules.

Application templates that can be personalised.

The first thing that the partner agency for this project did was determine the needs for the short and medium term. What devices will be used? What kind of content could be embedded?

The system then manages horizontal and vertical interactive terminals and tables, from a common ergonomical structure (interactive charter) which is then modified depending on the specific characteristics of the programmes.

The tree structures and media are then administered by Wezit studio.

Wezit Contribution

  • Management of custom application templates

  • Program generator

  • Content management