Cité des Télécoms

The Cité des télécoms is managed by the ORANGE foundation. It houses an important collection of objects that have marked the history of television transmission and telecommunications. The Radôme, an emblematic place of the first satellite transmissions for television, integrates the antenna which allowed, at the beginning of the 1960s, to receive live television signals from the United States.

The Cité des télécoms uses Wezit for different types of devices: Mobile applications for the general public, but also for more interactive devices such as this table allowing visitors to create digital postcards incorporating their own photo, personalised by accessories from the collections.

The programme uses Wezit to distribute graphic content managed in the studio’s media library, and to manage the sending and aggregation of content.

Les apports de Wezit

  • Gestion des comptes utilisateurs

  • Gestion de l’envoi post-visite

  • Médiathèque