Citadelle de Lille

Lille - France

Interactive touch screen tables designed for the Citadel of Lille. These multimedia tools can be administered thanks to Wezit, integrated into an area that combines relaxation and cultural mediation.

The Citadel of Lille is also known as the “Queen of the Citadels”, was designed by Vaucan and built upon the orders of Louis XIV in the west of Lille. Due to its strategic location, it was designed as a defence fortification for the French, on the Flemish border.

To showcase the history of this site, the city of Lille entrusted Wezit with the management of the touch screen table content, offering several visitor tours with points of interest, presented by theme to explore for visitors. These themed tours with a wealth of information distributed via the POIs, can be personalised.

Tour continuity

Prior to the visit, visitors can choose their favourite tours and add them to their “tour portfolio”, by creating a sort of “wishlist”. During the visit, it is possible to add new elements to the selection of existing POIs. For the post-visit section, it is possible to send this list by email using the visitor’s mobile telephone, therefore adding an extra feature to the tour continuity.

This feature is very useful for users and mediators, in the event that visitors run out of time and have to leave the site. They can then come back at a later date, and pick up where they left off.

Wezit contribution

  • Content and point of interest (POI) management

  • Game management

  • Post-visit management