Abbaye de Saint-Savin

Saint-Savin - France

Visit platform (using Wezit technology). An application created for Saint Savin Abbey, UNESCO World Heritage site.

At this extraordinary heritage site, visitors can explore the various visitor trails available in the application, personalised to suit their needs. Some are short (around 30 minutes) and others are more in-depth, with available content on the abbey and its history.

By following the arrows on the indicated trail, visitors will know where the departure point is and where they need to go. They move progressively from one point to the next, learning more about this superb site and its history along the way!

The tour platform also includes a 3D reconstruction of the abbey, entertainment, videos with commentary from experts, etc.

There is also a trail adapted for children from the age of 8, not only to get the children involved, but also to provide an experience for the whole family to enjoy together.

Accessibility for all

Thanks to guided tours with audio description, LSF (French sign language) and “Easy Read” content, this application is accessible for people who are hard of hearing and the visually impaired.

The application is available in 8 languages

The multilingual version, including non-Latin languages, is perfectly supported by Wezit studio.

Wezit contribution

  • Multilingual content management

  • Game management

  • Accessibility