The term “transmedia” has been used since 2003 to characterise the storytelling technique across multiple platforms. This concept has been extended into the interactive world, bringing a whole new personalised dimension to experiences. This is an exceptional opportunity for the cultural venues where cutting-edge technology is already used.

Wezit was designed so that different devices can be used together, therefore providing a continuous experience for the visitor.

Before, during and post-visit possibilities, as well as multimedia games can be administered by Wezit and specific developments can adapt the solution to your own needs.

Wezit transmedia is an advanced version of Wezit CMS.

Beyond the management of media and tree structures on different types of applications, Wezit transmedia also provides a rules engine to be able to personalise the visits depending on a specific scenario.


Wezit transmedia has a dozen mini games modules that can be implemented without using a single line of programming.

These games can be added to an overall treasure hunt-type experience with scores and prizes, on one or more interactive devices.

Managing digital scenarios

The experience can be personalised to adapt to the visitor’s behaviour.

This can be through suggestions to assist the visitor in his discovery, or by suggesting new activities adapted to the visit (discovering an artwork through a magnifying glass, sensory experience, etc.)

Before, during & post visit

From managing online ticket sales, to bookmarking for later web browsing, and posting on social media, the possibilities are endless.

The goal is to go beyond the walls of the venue and to offer visitors a much wider experience, more than just a simple visit.

Boulogne sur Mer – France

In 2018, Nausicaa carried out extension works and became the biggest aquarium in Europe, a few kilometres away from Belgium. The user experience has also been redesigned, using a transmedia approach.

Maison écocitoyenne
Bordeaux – France

When visiting the interpretation area at the Maison Ecocitoyenne, visitors can build their very own strategy for a more eco-responsible way of living. When they go back home, they receive an email inviting them to come and discover other places throughout the city that use the same techniques, thanks to a mobile application.

Musée d’Art de Nantes
Nantes – France

The Fine Arts Museum of Nantes, one of the biggest Art museums in the region, wanted to introduce digital tools that would offer a “before visit” experience (to prepare for your visit), online ticket office and on-site tools for the tour (interactive interpretation tables, mobile guide). All these tools were provided by Wezit transmedia.

Mémorial Alsace Moselle
Schirmeck – France

Over the past century and a half, Alsace-Moselle has been through many changes as it was passed into French or German hands. Since the end of the Second World War, the emergence of the European Union has meant that the two countries are at peace and even work on joint projects.
A transmedia solution takes visitors through the various devices on offer, encouraging collective action along the way.