Thanks to digital signage, contextualised information on the short-term or long-term upcoming events, and practical information for visitors can be displayed on screens dotted around the museum or exhibition venue.

The content is centralised and a programme for a Brightsign-type player has been installed, for showings on a screen or using a projector.
The programmes on offer take full advantage of the transmedia offer from Wezit, and they can be used through notifications on mobile applications or on a website for example.

Displaying information on screens using digital signage is now quite an outdated technique. It was therefore necessary to innovate, while making sure needs were met.

Wezit remains loyal to its transmedia strategy. Available content should be free to use on different types of devices, whether they are interactive or not. Digital signage is not an exception to this rule.

Information is displayed on a succession of screens so it is possible to configure the content and duration for each display.
The content can be media from the Wezit media library, on which you will already have uploaded photos and videos that are then automatically optimised.

The display choices are programmed into the Wezit back-office and then sent to the screens via a specific Wezit digital signage programme.

The same information can be displayed on other fixed or interactive devices, such as the tour guide for example.

The Wezit digital signage system is specifically organised for exhibitions: museums, showrooms and heritage sites for welcoming visitors and organising meetings for events at varied times.

Interface with an external events’ calendar

You can interface Wezit with existing calendars.
The iCalendar format is used for exchanges.

With this media type, it is possible to group events onto the existing website for a museum, or to periodically provide a list of events in iCalendar format to be used with other technologies.

Museon Arlaten
Arles – France

The Museon Arlaten reopened in 2021 after the
historical design from Frédéric Mistral was modernised,
and digital tools are a key part of the new tour.