A visit companion app guide created for St. Savin Abbey, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Saint-Savin Abbey, a UNESCO world heritage site located near the city of Poitiers, in the west of France:

One companion app guide running using Wezit technology!

For this incredible heritage site, visitors are encouraged to explore the site in visits according to their choice.Different types of app tours are possible: some of them are shorter running about 30 minutes, other tours allow visitors to go more in-depth into the available content.

St Savin guide companion
App St Savin

By following an arrowed tour, visitors can know where they start and where they are going, from point to point, learning about this great site and the history behind it along their journey!

Other key functionalities rely on the accessible side of this app, making it an easy-to-use for the hearing and visually impaired offering guided visits with audio description, LSF (Langue Française des Signes / Sign Language), as well as a FALC content (Facile à Lire et à Comprendre / Easy to Read and Understand) . 

St Savin fonctionnalité d'accessibilité

Also, starting at eight years of age, a kid-friendly tour, to attract not only children but also create family interactions.

St Savin languages


The app is available in



The visitors’ companion app also includes 3D reconstruction, animations, videos guided by experts…

All this knowledge is integrated using Wezit, and it is thought to complement the visit, to enhance the paintings and the building to the advantage of the storytelling… Bringing the visitors to look up, to discover their environment more in detail.

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