Digital Theater – TJG Theater Junge Generation Projekt / Dresden

European project – collaboration of a German theater

As part of a cooperation project by the European Commission, the  PLATFORM shift+ project consists of 11 partners from 9 countries, concentrating on delivering young audiences performances combining traditional and innovative mediums.

One of those partners is The TJG (Theater Junge Generation) founded in 1949, located in Dresden, Germany. The TJG serves not only as a traditional local theater but also as a  performing center for audiences such as children, young adults, and families. In addition to this, the TJG assists theater educators as an academy with a lab and experimental workshops. 

In an effort to get closer to an always tech-savvy young audience, Wezit assisted the TJG on the digital side, in creating a performance focused on “conscience building” on the daily decisions young immigrants must face while adjusting to their new lives.

  • The choreography placed by the TJG consisted on a digital participative experience, in which the attendees are provided by a tablet.
  • Space is limited to a total of 60 attendants, acts are reinforced by videos, images and digital interaction between actors and the audience.
  • From a technological point of view, the performance runs on WIFI (BLE). Starting from the main entrance of the theater, performers and audiences will communicate throughout the theater with their tablets.
  • The two main performers will “act” and communicate to the young audience’s tablets through a digital watchBeacons are placed in different areas of the theater and they also play a small role in this digital performance.
  • The performing videos take place on each tablet, as if corresponding to a choreography, all synchronized! These videos will play a situation many young adults face, embarking onto conscious themes such as body awareness, and misconceptions societies have about immigrants and the challenges they encounter.

An accessibility for young people

Photos and video courtesy of the  TJG Theather.


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