Outdoor tour app / 9-9bis, Mining Area World Heritage site

“Echappées en pays minier” : the idea was to create a geolocated app and to put forward an industrial heritage… 

“Hard to imagine for the visitor, as well as for the inhabitant, that there was here a huge mining area not so long ago – instead of the actual “Parc des îles”, near Lens. It’s hard, too, to imagine what exactly was happening there, and the turmoil that took place 24 hours a day. 

The app called « Échappées en pays minier » fills this gap!” (to read more (in French): La voix du Nord, Hervé Naudot).


« Sur les pas de Mme De Clercq »is the first tour.

With « Cité Bruno, la tournée du facteur » you will discover the streets of the first garden-city of the Nord-Pas de Calais, accompanied by the postman.

During « De la cokerie au Parc des Iles », the third tour, you will be together with an ancient miner and will get to know the old coking plant Drocourt that looks completely different nowadays.

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