Outdoor AR/VR tour app / Maillezais Abbey

The Abbey of Maillezais is a thousand-year-old building located in the Poitevin marshland in Vendée. Since spring 2017, the visitors have the opportunity to discover in 3D the numerous successive lives of this architectural jewel that has existed as: a monastery / abbey / cathedral / fortress of defense, or even as a stone quarry.

The Wezit application for the Abbey of Maillezais (which is available on site thanks to the devices that are lent to the visitors) offers two different visiting tours including some virtual reality and some augmented reality. Thanks to these technologies, visitors discover what the abbey looked like at the beginning and its different evolutions over time.

Regarding virtual reality, visitors insert their phone in a virtual reality mask to visualize the 3D models in immersion.

Besides the virtual and augmented reality experiences, visitors have the possibility to use the mobile application as an audio guide, with some videos and geolocated elements.

Users are geolocated, inside as well as outside the Abbey, and receive a notification as soon as they approach a new content. 

Visitors can, during their visit, select their favorite areas and associate to these “favorites” their own notes and pictures – taken with the phone that was lent to them for the visit.

At the end of the visit, they receive per E-mail a link allowing them to have access to their own online platform, which they can also share with their friends.

Website: Abbaye of Maillezais

An explanatory video of the system conceved by our partner MG Design : Link 

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