Multitouch tables – Transmedia / Ecofriendly-citizen house, Bordeaux

A gamified explanation of the eco-citizen challenges present in the city of Bordeaux


Transmedia project offering the posibility to define a personal action plan on a multitouch table within the institution. This will then generate a summary E-Mail and the possibility to upload a personalized mobile app.

This app gives the possibility to discover the actions set up in Bordeaux by the city itself (wind project, Canadian system of well, solar power installation, etc.).

The app can be downloaded here:



Maison écocitoyenne de Bordeaux, Mazedia, Wezit
Maison écocitoyenne de Bordeaux, Mazedia, Wezit


Four people can be using the device at the same time… Many possibility to be explored and lots of possible interactions with this multitouch table.


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