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Starting June 2018, The Toulouse Museum of Natural History is hosting: “The Easter Island: The Navel of the world?”

In collaboration with the museum by the integration of interactive devices, Wezit reveals some of the mysteries of this lost Pacific Island.


About the exhibit…

The exhibition takes place simultaneously at three sites, the Museum of Natural History from Toulouse (for 1 year), the Champollion Museum, and at the Fenaille Museum (temporary exhibit of 4 months).

The exhibition will allow visitors to discover cultural, geographical, scientific perspectives of this lost island, located at this very hidden part of the world, which has been intriguing humankind for the last hundred years.


Why the exhibit was named “the navel of the World” at the Toulouse museum?

A little bit of history about the name… the term comes from the Polynesian Te pito o te huena meaning “navel of the world”. This term has a dual meaning for the island.

First, this notion is based on its geographic isolation, and secondly on the interest of new discoveries in the media.

A Moai in Toulouse…

The famous Moai Hoa Hakanai’a, now in the British Museum in London, has been scanned and reproduced for the occasion, a 2.42m height statue being exhibited and presented to visitors in the exhibition.

Interactive devices

Wezit had the opportunity to work with the Toulouse Museum of Natural History by bringing transmedia solutions and integrating digital interactive devices along the exhibit.

Moreover, we were able to assist the museum in organizing and give form to the message the exhibition wanted to showcase.

How would you react to a Moai who looks straight at you?

An accessible children’s museum

We have also created fun and interactive learning elements that will be of attraction to younger children.

Practical Information 

   35 allées Jules Guesde 
   31000 Toulouse

   Open every day of the year from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

   Temporary exhibition
   Entry € 7 – Reduced price € 5

   Permanent + temporary exhibition
   Entry 9 € – Reduced price 7 €

   Free for children 6 years of age and under.

   A reduced fee is available upon presenting a ticket purchased from one of       the partner museums’

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