“Mission, résister” the new app for the Lorris Departmental Museum of Resistance and Deportation.

The Lorris Regional Museum of Resistance and Deportation trusted us for the conception of an application for their museum called: Mission Resistance!

The app was created using Wezit technology, and just in time for the back-to-school period and the well-known Heritage Day, in perfect timing for educators to plan their field visits to the museum, especially since the app offers a tour called “Mission: Resist” dedicated to students in Primary education (Elementary in the USA Key Stage in the UK) and it is specially dedicated for school visitors of this level; making it easier for children in the ages of 8-12 to understand this period of history.

The app is installed in tablets, which are available to visitors’ at the museum’s reception and are available in the form of a loan by submitting an identity card as a deposit. 

Mission: Resist” and the musuems main goal is to invite  visitors entering the exhibit to discover the resistance fighters,and those who risked their lives to defend human values.

Lorris Departmental Museum of Resistance and Deportation

The application features are: 

Points of Interest

The points of interests range from the rise of Nazism
The Armistice, Demarcation Line, and Occupation
Daily life, System D, Rationing the Vichy regime to D-Day and Liberation.

Image recognition and AR are also part of this app while navigating through the exhibit tour; users can trigger the app image recognition feature and discover episodes of the Loiret region during the occupation.

Loiret Image recognition

Wayfinding: User are able to find the location of POI in an easy to read floor plan of the exhibit. 

Musée départemental de Lorris

Informal learning: Students visiting the exhibit can test their skills in game formats. In this case, a series of quizzes and drag and drop educational games about the role of resistance and daily life during this time of history.

Musée départemental de Lorris

The app is available for now only in the form of tablets at the museum, and it is developed on a native app.

Any questions ? Email us at contact@wezit.io