QUAI BRANLY – Pavillion des sessions inside the Louvre Museum

The Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac museum has its permanent branch at the Louvre Museum called: The Pavillon des Sessions, which has opened in April 2000, and it is located to the South of the Louvre, between the Flore and Denon wings.

It is in this section inside the heart of one of the world’s greatest museum of fine arts, that are displayed 108 sculptural masterpieces from across the world.

Discover the main steps in the history of ethnographic collections, from the 16th century to their arrival at the Louvre Museum.

Using Wezit technology, the app complements the visit with an interesting feature that helps visitors to locate the artworks inside their area. 

Moreover, the app is connected with the Quai Branly museum’s website: users have the possibility to switch between two different maps: the museum’s and a worldwide map.

It is available for download in iOS and Android version at the stores. 

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